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testimonialsWally Bradford saved my house!!! When I came to Texas for the first time I knew nothing about building houses on a slab versus a foundation. Why people would not want to have a basement I couldn't figure out. The concept of pouring concrete into a 3 ft. deep pit did not compute with me.

My house was owned by a decorator so it looked liked the botanical gardens; plants, flowers, trees and ivy growing everywhere including very close to the foundation. Over time, I began to develop issues with the slab. Wally was recommended to me by a friend to take a look at the property and make a professional assessment. He told me that all of the landscaping was drawing water away from the foundation and that the ivy in particular as well as the tree roots was pushing against the foundation causing it to shift. This was also occurring around the swimming pool causing the brickwork around the pool to begin to rise, thus threatening the pipes beneath it. Unless some of this landscape was removed it would continue to cause more serious issues over time.

Wally recommended a root barrier be dug around the perimeter of the house, which is a very large home, well over 4,000 square foot. Wally and his coworker proceeded to dig a trench around the entire home BY HAND!! This was incredible to me that they could accomplish this as it was not soft earth; it was rock hard red clay. Then they rolled out the barrier and implanted it in the trench and covered it back up with the clay they had extracted. This was done in blazing summer heat on top of it all.

The barrier worked as planned although after talking with Wally I had no doubt it wouldn't. The cost of this job was minimal compared to the damage it would have eventually caused and the cost of repairing that which would have been in the tens of thousands of dollars. I am so very grateful to him. He is a professional in every sense of the word; a very nice and fair man to do business with and I made a great friend in the process!! Anyone having a similar problem, you need to call Wally!!! — J. Norman, Plano, TX


I had a Real Estate client wanting to sell their house. It had foundations issues. They called a traditional foundation repair company. Were told they needed 21 piers — at a large cost. A fellow Realtor told me about Wally Bradford. My clients called and I attended the presentation. I was a bit nervous about the concept — the price was amazingly less than the previous inquiry. After thinking about the "physics" of this process, it seemed logical. My client had the work done and within a couple of months their house was level — to their amazement. After that I always recommended my clients consider this process if they were in need of foundation work. I never had a complaint from any of my clients, and they thanked me for saving them money. I also had Wally level my own home. — C. Swick


About four years ago I had some serious foundation issues and had heard about Wally Bradford's root barrier business. I had been given foundation repair quotes that were outrageously high and i was concerned that foundation repair might not address the core issue. I called Wally and he spoke with me at length about what root barrier is and how it addresses the foundational issues. Going with Rootabater was the best decision I have made for my home. I have since referred Rootabater to eight friends and associates and every one of them have called to thank me for telling them about Wally Bradford. He is honest, professional and dependable and I will continue to tell people about Rootabater.— K. Park, Plano, TX

Due to the constantly shifting ground under my rental house, many cracks began to appear all around that house. Wally at Rootabaters, Inc. explained to me how his process worked and why. It made plenty of sense to me, vs. the installation of pilings under the house, so I tried Rootabater’s way. I took pictures of the cracks before and after the treatment and saw a noticeable improvement. It worked so well, I had Rootabaters service my personal residence, even though my home had no cracks at all, as a preventive measure, and 4 years later, my home still has no cracks, even in this shifting North Texas soil. — B. Alcorn, Flower Mound, TX

Roots from a 25-year-old tree had cracked my home's foundation in several places and lifted up a section of the driveway. As part of their root barrier installation, Rootabater cut out a section of my driveway to remove the offending roots and poured new concrete after the root barrier had been installed. The cracks in my house closed, the driveway was leveled, and a year later the tree is still thriving. — E. Taylor, Allen, TX

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