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At bottom left you can see some of the roots that have been causing problems with this property. These are quite small. Some roots grow to be over six inches thick. That can really mess up your foundationTo correct soil problems, Rootabater digs 3 to 4 foot trenches and installs material made specifically for root abatement by Deep Root. The geomembrane, which is completely buried in the soil, blocks roots, controls invasive species, protects foundations and manages water. The barrier guides new tree and shrub root growth down and away from your home.

We dig all of our trenches by hand. We could dig our trenches faster and easier with a trenching tool, but the only way to ensure that your pipes and underground cables remain undisturbed and undamaged is to dig by hand.

Environmentally Friendly Solution

The materials we use and the way we install them helps prevent root intrusion next to or underneath a foundation, sidewalk or retaining wall. This method has the least impact on the environment than any other, including piers and mudjacks.

Following the root barrier installation, rehydration of the surrounding soil can return it to a stable condition. If needed, we can refer you to structural engineers who developed the system we use.

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